False friends / Los falsos amigos

Los falsos amigos son aquellas palabras que, a pesar de pertenecer a dos lenguas distintas, presentan cierta semejanza en la forma mientras que su significado es considerablemente diferente. Pueden hacer que el aprendizaje de un idioma nueva sea más difícil y resultar en situaciones avergonzadas. False friends are words from different languages which appear to […]


Can you help Rex find his zapatos?

Hola chicos, Rex has lost his zapatos. Can you help him find them? Look at the picture and how many shoes you can see. How many zapatos negros can you see? How many zapatos marrones can you see? How many zapatos naranjas can you see? How many zapatos rosas can you see? How many zapatos […]


After school classes in St Joseph’s and St Catherines.

SPANISH UPDATE As you all now know unfortunately no after school classes will take place on site in schools for the first half of the term. This is disappointing news but understandable as the priority is keeping the children and their families safe. However, our classes will still continue to run. We will offer online […]


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