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Zoom español infants # 3 Las frutas

Hola a todos, Today we worked on Las frutas. The kidz were amazing and all learned how to name common fruits en español and describe which they like and which they do not like. Then they drew pictures of the fruits they liked. I´m so proud of all the kidz, but especially the junior and senior […]


Zoom español kidz #2 – Los animales, las partes del cuerpo y los adjetivos

Hi guys, So nice to see you all again today. You are all amazing how well you are doing. Today we worked on animal names and parts of the body. Here are the presentation slides and the song. Hope the sun is still shining and you get to have some fun outside. Animal body parts […]


Zoom español infants # 2 las partes del cuerpo y adjetivos – monstruos

Hi all, Today we were building on what the kids did last week. Consolidating body parts for descriptions and introducing new vocabulary, new nouns: dientes -teeth pelo – hair antena – antenna and new adjectives: grande  – big pequeño/a –  small largo/a – long corto/a – short Here is the presentation link. If any of the […]


Zoom español infants #1 – las partes del cuerpo

Hi all, I hope the kids enjoyed today’s class. Here is the presentation to the vocabulary and pictures of monsters. Body parts presentation I’ve also added the link to the song. Have a lovely afternoon,


Zoom español kidz #1 – Los animales y las partes del cuerpo

Hi all, Hope the kids enjoyed today’s class. Here is the presentation with the vocabulary and guessing game. Animal and body parts


la fecha – The date

Hola a todos, Hope you are all doing well. Moving on from the days of the week to the months of the year, seasons and the date. This is good for all ages. Below I’ve attached some colour sheets for younger learners and activity sheets for older/stronger learners. Colouring sheets diciembre writing- Seasons slide show […]


Online Resources

Hi all, Hope you staying well and safe and sane.  Today I have put together something on the days of the week ‘los días de la semana´ for various age groups. I´ve uploaded a video with the pronunciation of each day on I’m attaching age appropriate worksheets here for download. Infants Los días […]


online resources and printables

Hi all, I hope you are all keeping safe and sane during this unique time. Closure of schools, working from home and social distancing can make for a challenging home environment. I am working on building up a stock of online resources suitable for a variety of levels and ages which can be downloaded and […]


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