Feliz año nuevo – Back with a colourful bang

¡Feliz 2020 a todos! All our classes started back this week and teachers and students alike a full of beans and have muchas ganas to get the new year off to a good start. The first week back is always a good time to a bit of revision. It helps boosts the kids´confidence by reminding them how much they already know, gives them and teachers a platform to work from and is an opportunity for the kids of have a little fun.

Rockalingua www.rockalingua.com have fantastic resources for teaching young learners of all levels.

week 1 – revision of colours and numbers

This first week back we have been using the colour and numbers worksheets for  revision. Their songs and worksheets make class really fun for the kids.

Infants classes

This week we focused on the first worksheet for the infants. We didn’t use the song in class but it is a great way to work through the material at home between classes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiNFXntWOJw

colours and numbers revision pic 2

colours and numbers revision pic

Older kids

The older kids revised colours and numbers and worked on number and gender agreement.

colours and numbers revision pic 3


They coloured in the photo below and then described the colour of Tapón´s clothes and hair, e.g.

El pelo es naranja

Los pantalones cortos son morados.

colours and numbers revision pic 4

Great classes all round. The kids were really engaged and classes were very productive.

Already looking forward to next week!!!

Hasta pronto


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