Games in the language classroom

When teaching young learners it is so important to make the class fun. In order to keep them focused you need to keep them engaged. Games are the best way to do this for young learners. Simple games like pelmanism; matching games or memory games. These games can be adjusted to level. For very low levels students can match pictures and say the word. As their level improves they can to match a word and a picture or match the words.
Another crowd-pleaser is hangman. Teach the students the names of the letters and then use hangman to practice saying the letters. Young learners love playing Hangman and the promise of a game of Hangman is a great way to keep students or motivate students through a challenging aspect of a class.

Some links to learning apps and websites which use matching games:

Princesses learn Spanish (also, French, German and Portuguese)


Interactive games in Spanish

Have fun!!!!!

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