Infants Term 3 week 2 online lessons – Más comida – las verduras

Hi all,

This week we continued to look at la comida  and expand our range of vocabulary. We added:

  • Verduras: like cebolla, zanahoria y coliflor, Carne y pescado,
  • the all important helado. helado

Here are the class slides. la comida

We also played a memory game using I have reduced the number of slides in the game we used and created 2 memory games, which should be more accessible for the kidz.

la comida and las verduras

You can download the book widget app on all apple devices and use the shortcodes below to access each game.

La comida- G3ZKG4, las verduras – 33TP3Y

Unfortunately, there is no book widget app for android yet, but you can follow this links above to play the game.

¡Qué todos tengáis una buena semana!

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