Keep it simple

Our classes started back this week. It was so lovely to see lots of the kids coming back again this year and really great to see lots of new faces. This week, as it was the first week back for everyone and the first week for some kids, we were doing lots of revision. As with every teacher I want to make the classes fun and engaging for the students. There is a huge wealth of amazing resources available and these are really useful in class. However, while organising my resources, creating and sourcing new resources and preparing the classes this week it occurred to me that is all too easy to spend time ‘re-inventing the wheel’ or over-complicating class prep. Sometimes it is good to just keep in simple. I took that approach with this week classes and the kids loved it. Revision of numbers and colours was done using the white board, coloured crepe paper and whatever else was around us in the room.


I used the whiteboard to drill and elicit the numbers, starting with 1-10 and then moving on to 11-20, and 30-50 with older kids. Then I introduced the question ¿Cuántos años tienes? and the kids answered by saying the age in Spanish. Then in groups of 2 or 3 students were given a blank bingo sheet and a pen / pencil. They fill in numbers between 1 -20 on the bingo sheet and we played bingo. This was a great way to check their understanding and they loved it.


We elicited and drill the names of the colours using different coloured crepe paper. This be done with card, paper, colouring pencils, crayons. Then, all the colours were laid out on the table in two piles. In two teams, students had to listen to the colour I called out and wrote on the board and choose the correct colour before their opponent on the other team. The kids loved the element of competition. Finally, I called out a colour and kids had to run around and find something that colour in the room .


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