week 2 – Older kids – los números

Here we have some revision of numbers. It is important to consolidate the basics, as sometimes we can take for granted that the kids know these and we just skim over them. I have found this in the past. For example, I am working on a more complex structure and the kids are struggling with counting.

Again this week we are using resources from the brilliant www.rockalingua.com. This time using their number chart. What I focus on in this class is getting the student to recognise the spelling of the numbers 1-50, and learning to write them. los numbero chart 1-50 - course 4

Task 1 – recognising number

Teacher writes numbers on the board, then calls out a number and one student runs to the board and circles the number that was called out. Students work in teams so that they can confer.

board work numbers - course 4

Task 2 – recognising number words 

Teacher writes the names of numbers on the board. Students take turns to run to the board and write the correct digits next to each number. Students work in teams so that they can confer.

board work numbers 2 - course 4

Another resource we like here in Kidzlingo is the textbook ‘Ya Voy 1’. The worksheets below were used in Task 3.

Task 3

Students listen to the pronunciation of numbers 1-10 in ex 6 and then they tick the numbers the here in ex 7. This can be done using the CD that accompanies the textbook, or the teacher can simply call the numbers out. Then the students listen to numbers 1-31 and repeat the pronunciation.

numbers worksheet Ya Voy 1

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